Cyber Security Awareness – Cayman Islands


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The course covers the world of cyber security, its evolution and the defensive role you play as the human firewall. The content of the course itself covers your responsibility to yourself, those around you and to the regulatory authorities. We’ll break down the types of threat and how to respond them. In turn, you’ll understand the importance of policy and procedure, giving you and your team the confidence to focus on work and not the threat. It is suitable for all users and is available 24/7 via our elearning platform.


There are three core objectives of this course:

  1. Understand your responsibility when it comes to keeping company and personal data safe.
  2. Learn to recognize new and evolving cyber threats and the defensive role you play helping to neutralize them.
  3. We’ll look at how, why and when to respond to cyber threats.


  1. Module 1 – Your responsibility
  2. Module 2 – Your regulatory obligations
  3. Module 3 –  Recognizing different types of threat
  4. Module 4 –  How to respond

Knowledge Check

There is a knowledge check at the end of the elearning course with a standard pass mark of 80% and unlimited attempts.

Course Length

35 minutes + 10 minutes of questions.


The user will receive a certificate in pdf format upon successful completion of the elearning course and knowledge check.

License Information

Each purchase is for a license for a single user. The user has access to all the elearning course material for 6 (six) months via our web based elearning platform.


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